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Mahindra TUV300 Accessories with Their Prices

tuv300Mahindra dispatched the TUV300 a week ago and is advancing it as the extreme notable blue SUV. They have now discharged an embellishments list.

TUV remains for Tough Utility Vehicle and Mahindra says the outline of the TUV300 is enlivened from a fight tank. On the off chance that a proprietor is not fulfilled by this appearance, he can decorate the vehicle with a considerable rundown of gear and furniture. All these are official adornments that can be purchased from a Mahindra & Mahindra showroom and at costs that are not very steep.

The most engaging bundle is the new defensive layer body pack that can be found in the picture above. This incorporates the accompanying

Front defensive layer pack – Rs 8,879

Hat structure cladding – Rs 4,679

Front stone watchman – Rs 4,139

Back stone gatekeeper – Rs 4,139

Side shield skirt – Rs 8,399

Marker lights with cover – Rs 7,799

Body wheel curves – Rs 9,959

Mahindra TUV300 adornments list

For clients who don’t care for the full-body shield, still need to add a substantial obligation look to the outside can pick the accompanying extras.

Front bull bar – Rs 9,500

Officer Front Guard – Rs 6,900

EPDM Front Guard – Rs 6,900

U Fog Protector Front Guard – Rs 6,500

Defensive back effect shaft – Rs 4,500

Aluminum Side Step Set – Rs 11,500

Hella Comet 500 FF – Rs 6,500

There are additionally some other premium extras and chrome embellishments to add to the bling component.

Lower Grill Chrome Garnish – Rs 2,562

Tag Chrome Garnish – Rs 1,200

ORVM Chrome Garnish – Rs 2,500

Back Reflector Chrome Garnish (set of 2pc) – Rs 540

Back License Plate Chrome Garnish – 1,500

Tail light Chrome Garnish (set of 2 pc) – Rs 3,200

Ski Rack Chrome Garnish (set of 4 pc) – Rs 3,600

Entryway Handle Chrome Garnish (set of 5 pc) – Rs 2,600

Mahindra TUV300 extras list

There are distinctive sorts of infotainment frameworks to look over –

Headrest Mounted 7″ DVD LCD Player – Brown and Beige – Rs 18,500

Rd-R/M 9.2-inch Dvd Lcd Black – Rs 13,752

Headrest Mounted 7″ DVD LCD – Black – Rs 18,500

Dynamic Sub-Woofer – Rs 15,500

Going to the stopping help frameworks, there are four sorts :

Widespread Front Parking Sensors – Rs 3,200

Reverse Camera with 3.5-inch Inner Rear View Mirror and 3.5-inch LCD Display – Rs 7,980

Reverse Camera with 4.3-inch Dashboard Mounted Screen – Rs 8,215

Dark Rear Sensors with Inner Rear View Mirror Display – Rs 5,500

Mahindra TUV300 embellishments list

The other fundamental utilitarian frill are as per the following-

Originator floor mats – Rs 2,799

Straightforward PVC Mat – Rs 2,200

Dark PVC Mat – Rs 1,500

Primered Spoiler with LED Stop Lamp – Rs 7,500

15-inch Designer Wheel Covers – Rs 2,900

Tyvek Body Cover – Rs 2,999

Ordinary Body Cover – Rs 1,320

Seat covers – Rs 7,780 to Rs 9,200

Double USB Cell Phone Charger – Rs 550

AutoGrip XL Automatic Mobile Holder – Rs 660

Downpour Visor Set (arrangement of 4 pc) – Rs 2,100

Sun blinds – Rs 2,500

Every one of these costs are from Mumbai and incorporate charges of establishment and 12.5 for each penny VAT.



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